Chinese Herbs

King Tim
A gentle massage spray for the care of muscles and joints.
Ammeltz Yoko Yoko
Helps with stiffness of shoulders, muscular pain,lower back pain, bruises,...
Ginseng Tea 50 grams
Il Hwa Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea. 50 grams
Peking Royal Jelly
May assist in general wellbeing
Mikei Red Reishi Essence
Reishi is used to calm the mind, invigorate the qi, maintain general health...
Premium Reishi Extract
Improves stress adaptation and assist peripheral circulation to relieve...
Male Power 90 capsules
Male support formula. Helps to enhance male physiological function and...
Jing Zhi Xia Ke Ling
For the temporary relief of cough & sore throat. For the relief of insomnia.
Poon Goor Soe | Pei Pa Ko
Oral liquid cough syrup 300ml
Reduce Fat Capsules
Accelerate the consumption of the body fat, restore the size of the fat cells...
Shen Ye Jing Capsules
To clear heat and dispel fire. To relieve dryness in the month, promote body...
Bi Min Gan
For Symptoms of hay fever, relieve itchy and blocked nose, relieve rhinitis...
Lidan Paishi
Assists the relief of constipation, gallbladder heat and bitter taste in the...
Slimming Capsule
Assist body to burn fat and lose weight .
Kidney Tonic
Helps maintain normal kidney function & well being.
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