China Med

China Med

China Med - Chinese Herbs

Empirical formulas designed for specific conditions

• Convenient, high strength 6:1 product

• Condition based indications • User friendly product names

• Easy to use & cost effective for patients • Excellent patient compliance

• Time & space efficient for dispensing

• Manufactured from ‘A’ grade herbs to Australian GMP standards

• Two weeks supply per bottle Some of the ChinaMed® formulas are adaptations of commonly used traditional formulas, with modifications to enhance their clinical efficacy.

All have been developed with the assistance of several renowned Chinese herbal doctors, who are leaders in their field, with a lifetime of clinical experience as well as expertise in the development of prepared herbal products for the domestic market in China.

 A unique feature of the ChinaMed® range is that each formula has been named and labeled so that you are able to see at glance the major indications for each product. While it is true that one formula may have several uses clinically, we have chosen to name each one according to the most common clinical indication.

This is especially appropriate as most of the formulas have been developed to treat a specific condition, such as eczema, IBS or chronic sinusitis. 

The ChinaMed® capsules are all manufactured in China from ‘A’ grade herbs. The most advanced methods of extracting and concentrating whole herbs are used in the manufacture of ChinaMed® capsules to produce a 6:1 final product.

 For the convenience of both practitioner and patient, each bottle containing 78 capsules, which will last 2 weeks at the recommended dosage. You will find that ChinaMed® formulas are competitively priced and cost considerably less than a standard 60 capsules.

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As you are aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to spread to all countries and our community. Our main priority is keeping our team and clients safe and reducing the spread in the community. We have been staying abreast of all announcements and updates from WHO and QLD Health and have implemented all suggested measures in our workplace, including extra hand washing and sanitising.

For the foreseeable future, we will be closing our retail store temporarily from the coming Monday 23/3/20 until further notice.

However, we will still take orders over the phone (3854 1419) or you can email your orders to

We will post all your medication ASAP by Australia standard or express post. There will not be a collection option until we re-open the retail space

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