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About Us

Wing Hing Herbal Shop

Wing Hing Herbal Shop in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley is known for its experienced team, warm atmosphere, effective care and knowledge in the use of Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs have been used for many centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These ancient medical therapy formulations were passed on by word of mouth for generations. The plants, animals, and minerals that are used in Chinese herbal therapy are delivered via teas, granules, patents, and tinctures; and, they make a substantial difference for many of our Brisbane patients.

Wing Hing Herbal Shop is rooted in the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, adapted to the needs of modern Brisbane people. Although we’ve been opened in Brisbane since 1988, our family business originate from our ancestors in China and Hong Kong for over a Century. We have a team of a herbalist, acupuncturist and herbal dispensers. We treat a variety of chronic complaints from allergies to anxiety, infertility to insomnia, pain to pimples, digestion to depression. Wing Hing Herbal Shop is a natural home for people who are juggling complicated lives, trying to support not just their own health but also the health of their loved ones. We are practicing Chinese medicine the way you have to use it: in real life. We care for the people of Brisbane of all ages from small babies to senior citizens.

Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs and Acupuncture in Brisbane

Located in the heart of Fortitude Valley on Wickham Street, we are committed in offering an exceptional experience, support and care in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture.

Total natural health care

Wing Hing Herbal Shop is well known for providing the very best in total natural health care to families all over Brisbane. From babies to the elderly we encourage you to talk to us about your health concerns and begin the fascinating journey of Chinese medicine to improve your health and happiness in a natural way.

Chinese herbs can be bought through our online shop and shipped directly to you, within Australia.

You can find out more about our Chinese herbalist, acupuncturist and herbal dispensers here.

Call us: (07) 3854 1419

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